TurfPlus® Integrated Management System

TurfPlus® is a novel and unique system that allows Turfgrowers to manage five separate areas of compliance – Work Health & Safety (WHS), Environmental Management (EMS), Chain of Responsibility in transport (CoR), Human Resources  (HR) and Quality Assurance Management (QA).

TurfPlus® provides the training, tools and resources as well as the cloud record keeping that helps growers to achieve best practice in their management and excellence in their turf production.

For all your Compliance needs

From Training to Tools and Resources through to cloud-based Record Keeping – TurfPlus® has it all.

Work, Health & Safety WHS

TurfPlus® assists in helping to bring your operation to a level of WHS compliance that can be audited to ISO 45001 standards.

Environmerntal Management EMS

Similarly, Environmental Management for the operation can be developed to an audit level of ISO 14001.

Chain of Responsibility CoR

Chain of Responsibility (COR) is managed in TurfPlus® to the NHVR’s Master Industry Code of Practice.

Human Resources HR

HR compliance management in TurfPlus® looks to see how well HR policies, procedures and protocols comply with federal and state employment laws.

Quality Assurance QA

TurfPlus® assists with quality control and the Australian Seeds Authority’s TurfCert® Turf Certification program.


Turfplus® provides the turf grower with training requirements from simple toolbox talks through to verification of competencies.

Tools & Resources

All the resources you need to run your operation from Policies & Procedures to SWMS. SOP’s, SDS, machinery registers to Inductions.

Cloud Record Keeping

A proprietory system to digitally store and manage your records and assist with reminders to alerts for machinery maintenance.

 Ongoing Support

TurfPlus® isn’t just a one-off setup and leave you on your own.

Whether it’s training, safety signage, verification of competencies, audits and inspections through to organising external certification, the TurfPlus® program provides the complete ongoing support package.

“It’s such a relief to finally have TurfPlus in place.”

Turf Grower Joanna from Southern NSW says that the TurfPlus System has helped them develop a strong safety culture with the security of a knowing they have a workable safety management system in place.

“TurfPlus works for small and large operations”

John has two operations in South East Queensland with just a few staff on one site and up to 30 workers on another.  He says, ‘We were pleasantly surprised how well TurfPlus works for both our small and larger operation.”

TurfPlus has replaced so many bits and pieces”

Chris from a large Sydney turf production, construction and maintenance operation says he’s impressed with the functionality. “TurfPlus lets us use one system instead of cobbling together bits and pieces from all over the place.”

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