TurfPlus® pricing and how it all works

TurfPlus® is delivered on an ongoing subscription-type-basis across three levels of commitment, depending on the size of operation and the levels of training and record-keeping required.

There are three components in the delivery of the TurfPlus® program:

Resources . . . are the documents – policies & procedures and much more
System . . . . . . the Cloud-Based Record System that underpins the program
Training . . . . .External RTO and onsite TurfPlus® Toolbox-type training

The following table outlines the benefits for the three different service levels of TurfPlus. Note that figures do not include GST.


 TurfPlus® Basic gives basic access to the Program
• A full audit of Turf Farm-site operations – all aspects.
• A full report that details all findings and actions required to achieve compliance.
• Implementation assistance.
• Access to TurfPlus® System Resources – Downloadable and hardcopy only.
• Limited access to TurfPlus® Cloud System ie. most system documents and resources are available, but no online storage or functionality.
• Access to mandatory training materials – toolbox templates, minimal mandatory signage. No delivery of training – access only to Resources.
• Weekly staff txt message Safety Alert – goes to all staff, timely info that demonstrates commitment to developing a Safety Culture.
• Weekly management email alert – solid information that again demonstrates commitment to developing a Safety Culture.
• Monthly system management email – guidance on legislative and system changes.


TurfPlus® Standard gives all the Basic features plus limited access to Training, with full access to both Resources and the System
• TurfPlus® Standard gives all the Basic features above, PLUS the TurfPlus® System – the online Cloud Software System customised to your requirements, INCLUDING the TurfPlus® Quality Management System. This is the system that documents and improves all your processes, meaning:
• From Chemical Use, Action Requests, Near Miss reporting, Vehicle Pre-Starts, Driver Declaration of Fitness for Duties, Recording New Equipment & Vehicles, Turf Site Risk Assessments and dozens of other Cloud and App record-keeping features, Safety and Quality aspirations become a reality.
• Activities become standardised, with everyone working towards one goal
• The Cloud-based record-keeping system quickly removes the necessity for double entry of records or multiple spreadsheet systems.
• All these processes become part of the operation’s Continuous Improvement Program, where each issue and idea can be recorded, acted on, reviewed, measured and monitored.


TurfPlus® Advanced provides all Standard features plus full access to Resources, the TurfPlus System, and Training
• All of the above PLUS 12 months of training, PLUS Annual Workplace Inspection Audit.
• All training will be recorded by TurfPlus®, and if required, development of a training register.
• Ideally, the Workplace Inspection audits and the training can remain ongoing, year on year. This is our preferred result – we want to create a long-term relationship, and help you develop the WHS system you want and deserve.
• Training can be tailored to your operation and particular areas of activity that may need attention.
• Much of the training, coupled with appropriate signage, takes the form of toolbox-type training and covers mandatory training required by Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU)’s and other training that fits with the operation at the time.
• Such training includes:
• Level 1: Registered Training Organisation RTO delivered & Mandatory (2 per annum)
eg – CoR TLIF 001 (blue card), Chemical Handling AQF3, Traffic Management RIIS 00041, Duties of Employers, Officers and Employees, Policy and Procedure development, Fire & Emergency Response, Fire Marshal, First Aid, etc. dependent on grower requirements.
• Level 2: Delivered by TurfPlus® personnel and required under legislation (8 per annum)
eg. Manual Handling, Emergency Response, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in workplace, Chemical Handling, Safe Operation of Machinery and Equipment, Bullying in Workplace, Alcohol and Drugs, Duties of Officers, Privacy / Social Media, Mental Health, Noise Safety, Slips, trips and falls, WHS Consultation, Environmental Management Safe Practices, Safety with Hand Tools, WHS Policies and Procedures, Incident and Near- Miss Reporting, Office Safety, Record Management, Safety Signs, Safe Operating Procedures for Farm Equipment, User manuals, Waste Management, through to Subcontractor Management.
• A minimum of 10 x training sessions will be provided per annum under this proposal with approx. a half day dedicated to staff training on each occasion – broken up to satisfy the varying operations of the business.
• Effective and efficient training is a vital component of successful integrated safety systems and a key requirement of keeping compliant within legislation.
• TurfPlus® will work to help ensure compliance in mandatory training requirements and further into helping the operation in improving efficiencies trough tailored training requirements.


How long do we have to lock-in for?

TurfPlus® growers initially sign up for a minimum of twelve months as this gives both the turfgrower and TurfPlus® enough time to satisfy each other that it can continue successfully beyond this. Ideally, we would see the adoption of such a program as a three-year exercise to ensure you get the most out of it and receive a meaningful return on investment.

We don’t lock anyone in beyond the initial twelve months period. We endeavour to keep growers absolutely delighted with our level of service and feel that you have every right to cease the relationship should you not perceive you are getting real benefits and value for money.

What’s the talk of ISO?

The levels that the TurfPlus® Program is audited to is sufficient for most organisations to seek International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certification if required. TurfPlus® doesn’t audit or handle the certification, however, can work with other organisations to get this done. ISO 9001 (Quality), 45001 (WHS) & 14001 (EMS) are all achievable through implementation of the TurfPlus® Program.

Previous ISO certification annual charges with organisations we have worked with have been able to reduce their costs by tens-of-thousands of dollar’s by administering the TurfPlus® System.

What is TurfPlus® Accreditation?

More and more growers and end-users are seeking a standard of quality and recognition of Safety and Quality in their operations and the TurfPlus® Accredited banner is starting to gain traction in the marketplace, especially with Local Government and larger contractors seeking assurances of their Safety management Systems – of which TurfPlus® stands up to significant scrutiny.

Is the price fixed – can we negotiate?

The prices are negotiable, however are based on involving a significant number of growers from the industry into the program, hence are fairly tight in their scope. When setting up at the outset, quotes for similar packages from Trainers and Consultants came in at in excess of $24,000 per farm . . . and that was without the cloud system.

Can we change plans if we want?

Yes – no problem, we would encourage you to move up in TurfPlus® service delivery and not down, however circumstances change and so too can the level of service required – especially when it comes to training delivery in our recent circumstances.

What isn’t covered in the TurfPlus® System?

TurfPlus® is an aggregation of Systems and Services that allows the operation it is providing the service for to better meet their compliance and legal operating obligations. TurfPlus® does not make any claims to be experts or warrant the service provided but simply provides a framework for the user of the service.

There are some aspects of TurfPlus® that the audits don’t cover including Modern Slavery Act, Fair Work Compliance and triple bottom line (TBL) to name a few.

Most aspects of Small-to-Medium business operations are well catered for in Australia and further details of the Acts that we endeavour to assist compliance with can be provided on request.

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