Turf Certification – An Exciting new Era for Turf Growers

TurfCert is a Brand New Scheme that Guarantees the Highest Quality of Turf Supply in Australia

Whilst quality certification schemes in the USA and Europe have been able to create a premium turf market, Australia has lacked a method of guaranteeing the quality of its turf supplies.

Until now.

TurfCert is the new independently audited system for ensuring quality, purity and consistency of turf supplies in Australia.

With the backing of ASA (The Australian Seeds Authority) and the JAS-ANZ accredited Certification Body Global-Mark, TurfCert is a game-changer in the Australian turf marketplace.

TurfCert certified turf will be the first turf in Australia independently verified to be pure, traceable, and of the highest possible quality verified by such credentials.

Certified turf attracts significant premiums at sale, and is sought after by the largest users of turf – top golf courses, leading sporting fields, government agencies and high spec landscapers.

The guarantee provided by TurfCert will revolutionise the top end of the Australian turf market, and bring the industry into the 21st century.

By being a part of TurfCert, you can demonstrate to the marketplace that your turf is of the highest quality, and produced using Worlds Best Practise. You too can enjoy the rewards that producing certified turf can bring to your business.

Turf Plus can show you how you can be involved in TurfCert, the most exciting innovation in turf quality in Australia in recent years.

Or for further information go to https://turfcert.aseeds.com.au/