Turf Plus is helping you with one of your least favourite safety compliance documents – SWMS.

Safe Work Method Statements – SWMS for short – commonly known as Swims. They are a great way of recording and communicating risks in our jobs, and how we are going to control them.
So why do we find them so difficult?
I think it is because they are written in such a way as to make them scary and impenetrable. Obviously that’s not how it is meant to be, but hands up everyone who feels a little nervous when they are asked to provide a SWMS for a job they are working on. Nearly everyone? I thought so.
Turf Plus is here to help.
We have now uploaded stacks more SWMS into the system.
Find all the SWMS in your Turf Plus system at Home>Applications>Document Management>6. SWMS – By Title.
You will see a huge list of SWMS for every activity and most machinery and equipment that you can think of using on your farm, or out laying turf.
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But why do SWMS have to be difficult and scary?
Open a few of the SWMS from Turf Plus and have a look. You will notice that many of the hazards and risks recorded are the same across many different pieces of equipment. There are hazards that are relevant to all sorts of equipment and machinery, and the hazards that are different are often self evident. You could work them out yourself – and it is worthwhile doing that to prove to yourself that you can write your own SWMS.

What other SWMS would you like to see in Turf Plus?
Contact the team at Turf Plus, and we will do our best to create new SWMS for you, and upload them into the system.

Matt Murphy – matt.murphy@groweq.com.au
David Raison – raiso@turfplus.com.au
John O’Brien – job@turfplus.com.au