Key Points:
– TurfPlus® partners with Turf Australia to provide Safety and compliance assistance for members.
– Turf Australia’s safety initiatives will be supported by TurfPlus and other external consultants
– A limited of free on-site WHS compliance audits are available for Turf Australia members.

TurfPlus® is an integrated management system that allows Turfgrowers to more readily manage five separate areas of compliance. It helps with Work Health & Safety (WHS), Environmental Management (EMS), Chain of Responsibility in transport (CoR), Human Resources (HR) and Quality Assurance (QA) management

Working with Turfgrowers both large and small, TurfPlus® has developed what is now a very comprehensive system.

TurfPlus® has three distinct components. The documentation and compliance side of things – the Resources. Then there’s the cloud-based online Record-Keeping and management system, and then the Training side including tools and signage that brings it all together.

The ‘under-the-hood’ resources include hundreds of working documents covering everything from Key Policies and Procedures, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and Safe Operating Procedures (SOPS), through to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and other record-keeping requirements. They are continually updated to help keep growers abreast of ever-changing legislation.

The cloud-based record-keeping and management component has been developed on the back of a sound and robust base, having been used in Golf Course WHS and EMS management for a number of years. It is very comprehensive, yet flexible enough to tailor its use to individual operations and circumstances.

The practical, training and delivery side of things helps implement the policies and is continually upgraded to also take into account the changing requirements of legislation and current situations – eg Updates to Industrial Manslaughter Laws, Chain of Responsibility laws, Covid response etc.

Behind the mechanics of TurfPlus® are a dedicated group of people that work to help Turfgrowers improve their compliance and lower their risk-exposure. TurfPlus® was developed with the aim of assisting growers through compliance and further into certification – even to ISO standards if required.

The team behind TurfPlus® include Agricultural professionals from Ag-tech and Audit backgrounds as well as extensive farming experience including turf. External consultants that work with us include HR, Transport and WHS specialists with 24- hour assistance available if ever required.

We find that working through the TurfPlus management system with turfgrowers quickly shifts the process from being a chore to one that develops lasting improvements and efficiencies.

We look forward to working with Turf Australia members in assisting them with establishing a robust Safety Management System in their operations. We encourage Turf Australia members to take up one of the free, on-site safety audits available from TurfPlus to assess their operations and let us assist in making valued recommendations.

For further information regarding the free site safety audit contact Turf Australia administration or TurfPlus at