Key Points:

– October is National Safe Work Month with the campaign ‘think safe. work safe. be safe.’
– Different safety themes and events are happening throughout the month
– Businesses are asked to get involved and help develop the safety culture of their operation
– Week 3 kicks off with the ‘Clean air. Clean lungs’ campaign to increase awareness of the issue
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimates that one in three Australians are affected by chronic respiratory conditions with many of these resulting from their workplace.

Workers compensation claims for hay fever, asthma, chronic sinusitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have substantially increased over recent years and Safework Australia is attempting to increase awareness with its ‘Clean Air. Clear Lungs’ campaign.

Week 3 of Safe Work Month aims to highlight the issue to businesses to help them be aware and take precautionary actions towards lung disease.

The campaign describes how the air that you, your workers and others breathe at work can be hazardous and cause lung damage, with workers at a higher risk of developing an occupational lung disease including manufacturing workers, construction workers, engineered stone workers and agricultural workers.

In order to ‘think safe. work safe. be safe.’, businesses including operations like turf farms must implement WHS control measures to identify and reduce hazards and monitor and control risks to keep workers from developing occupational lung disease.

Safe Work Australia has developed a range of resources as part of its Clean Air. Clear Lungs campaign to assist in understanding WHS responsibilities and help prevent occupational lung disease from occurring.

Think safe:
It’s important to think, work and be safe if you work in an industry with a high risk of occupational lung disease like agriculture.
Investing in WHS measures at your workplace can help protect your workers and prevent them from developing occupational lung diseases.

Work safe
If you have identified hazards in the air at your work that could cause occupational lung diseases – including dust, fertilisers and chemicals, implement and manage the risk by using safety control measures to protect your workers’ lung health.

Be safe
By getting everyone involved long-term in Work, Health and Safety issues, you can identify, manage and control the hazards that can cause occupational lung diseases.

The Clean Air. Clear Lungs. Campaign
Occupational lung disease is a priority condition under the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012–2022.

The ‘Clean Air. Clear Lungs.’ campaign is the key national education and awareness campaign that focuses on raising awareness of occupational lung diseases.

Safework Australia has developed a ‘Clean Air. Clear Lungs.’ campaign kit that has a range of resources including information sheets, social media tiles, infographics and posters for organisations and individuals to use to help spread awareness of occupational lung diseases.

Download further information and resources from Safe Work Australia at:

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