Key Points:

  • October is National Safe Work Month with the campain ‘think safe. work safe. be safe’.
  • Different safety themes and events are happening throughout the month
  • Businesses are asked to get involved and help develop the safety culture of their operation
  • Use the campaign as a timely refresher before things get too busy in coming months

October is National Safe Work Month and is a great time to develop a safe and healthy workplace.

During October each year, workplaces across Australia are asked to commit to creating safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians.

Led by Safe Work Australia, the campaign focusses on different areas of safety that may need some attention. The Safe Work campaign states that being healthy and safe means being free from physical and psychological harm. “No job should be unsafe and no death or injury is acceptable. “A safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone,” it reiterates.

The theme for National Safe Work Month this year is ‘think safe. work safe. be safe’.

And during the month of October you are encouraged to ‘think safe. work safe. be safe.’ at your workplace by planning and implementing work health and safety procedures.

Think safe—is the first step to thinking about work health and safety, which covers the planning and forethought that Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBUs) (such as employers and small business owners) must do to identify risks and maintain healthy and safe workplaces.

Work safe—is about implementing work health and safety measures to manage risks including the practical steps you can take to reduce risk and avoid workplace incidents.

Be safe—considers the ongoing process of managing and monitoring work health and safety risks – it is not a one off.

This year the campaign has strong rural themes, including the launch of a film about the importance of remote workplaces and being prepared for the worst to happen.

There are many Safe Work Month events online, and throughout October, a series of short talks will focus on safety leadership, design for workplace diversity and the future of work beyond COVID-19.

These sessions, Safe Work says, will deliver practical advice to help you start improving health and safety in your workplace.

The theme shifts to mentally healthy workplaces 10-16 October for Mental Health Week, with forums and webinars, before the flagship Injury Prevention and Return to Work Conference takes place on October 19.

There are many ways to participate in Safe Work Month and for further information and resources visit Safe Work Australia or your state safety authority at