Keeping all workers safe

Key Points:

  • October is National Safe Work Month with the campaign ‘think safe. work safe. be safe’.
  • Different safety themes and events are happening throughout the month
  • Businesses are asked to get involved and help develop the safety culture of their operation
  • Week 1 kicks off with the theme of keeping all workers safe.


October is National Safe Work Month and is a great time to develop a safe and healthy workplace.

The first week of Safe Work Month kicks off with the theme of keeping all workers safe.

Safe Work Australia has prepared a number of resources around the theme and to help support businesses in developing safe workplaces.

To help understand WHS responsibilities, identify risks and manage control measures, they have developed a series of ‘keeping all workers safe’ infographics.

Some workers may be at greater risk of injury or illness in the workplace and there has been focus on areas where hazards may be more prevalent including:

  • When English is not your first language
  • Workers with non-standard work arrangements or hours
  • Young workers
  • Older workers
  • The dangers of quadbikes

Consideration of everyone’s safety needs to be an ongoing concern and not just a one-off.

Safe Work says that to ‘think safe. work safe. be safe.’ you should build a comprehensive, proactive and preventative approach to health and safety at work.

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